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Sri Rakum School, Indiranagar, High School Science Lab. - Science Teacher Dr. Chaya Singh

Acharya Shree Rakumjee Ashram Devanahalli - Primary School

Practicing Karate under the watchful eyes of Acharya Sri Rakum..

Prasadam time at Indiranagar, Bangalore

Acharya Shree Rakumjee Ashram Devanahalli - Meditation Session

Four-and-half year old cherubic Kavi Arasi is lavishing affection and piggybacked on a person she calls "Kancho" (a term used to refer to the master in martial arts).


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Sri Rakum School for The Blind was opened in June 1998, India. The School was founded for children who are born blind or visually impaired. Coming from families living...


"We Live On What You Give"- This statement is painted boldly above every Rakum School Donation Box. These are bright, large boxes with slots for different types of...