Acharya Sri Rakum School, Indiranagar

No. 421, Sri Krishna Temple Road,
Indiranagar, 1st stage,
Bangalore- 560038, India.

Tel – (080)25215253, 25215705

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  • Finance Dept.

All financial work of three branches is being done here.

Student Incharge  -  Zinni


Indiranagar - Reception

We print the Braille books for blind students.

Teacher Incharge  - Nataraj (HM, Devanahalli)

Student Incharge  -



Braille books - text books for school and college

Braille slates -  2 types  wooden – 22 and interpoint - 70

Braille math boards- 88

Printing machine – 2 (Braille printer) - 2

Braille type writer- 5

Walking sticks – 56

Chess boards – 17

Cricket balls – 11

Abacus – 76+23

Pocket  frame – 136

Varities of games

Stylus – 67

Types – 15 boxes (100 types in each box)

There are six computers in our lab and all contains JAWS software. This software is basically for blind students to learn the computers. JAWS is a screen reading software. All blind students also learn computers with the help of JAWS.

Student Incharge  - Bhavya



All official work of three branches is doing here.

Teacher Incharge  -

Student Incharge  - &nbs



  • Maintenance  Dept.

Student Incharge- Vivekananda



Teacher Incharge  - Mrs. Shantha Mary

Primary School Dept.

HOD  - Mrs. Shantha Mary

Teaching Staff

                               Mrs Kalpana (B.A, B.Ed) - E.V.S. Teacher

                               Ms Kala (P.U.C, D.Ed) - English Teacher

                               Ms M.H.Manjula (P.U.C, D.Ed) - Maths Teacher

                               Mrs Rukmini (P.U.C, D.Ed) - Kannada Teacher

                               Ms Monica (M.T.T) - English Teacher

This Department  includes 6th to 10th standard. Total students strength is 45.

Teacher Incharge  - Mrs. Dayeetha Bhattacharya and Mrs Bharathi Selvam

Mr B.Ravindra [B.Sc, B.Ed (Maths, Science)] - Maths teacher

Mrs Bharathi Selvam [M.A, B.Ed (History,English)] - Social Science Teacher

Mrs Ashwini Nayak [M.A. Shikshak (Hindi)] - Hindi Teacher

Mrs Dayeeta Bhatacharya [M.A (Maths & Economics), B.Ed] - Maths Teacher

Dr. (Mrs) Chaya Singh [M.Sc (Chemistry), B.Ed, P.H.D (Chemistry)] - Science Teacher

Mrs Simi Anand [M.Sc (Zoology), B.Ed] - English Teacher

Mrs Elizabeth Cherian [M.Sc, B.T] - Biology Teacher



This Department  includes B.A(I,II,III), M.A (I,II), B.Ed.

Director  - Mr. Selvaraj Moses [M.A.(English & Socio), M.Ed., C.T.C.]

Mr Selvaraj Moses - English professor

Mrs Gino George (M.A, B.Ed) - Lecturer in Sociology

Ms Sujatha (M.A, B.Ed) - Lecturer in Kannada

Ms Veena Kumari S.B. - (M.A, B.Ed) - Political Science, (HoD, College)

Acharya Shree Rakumjee - History

This Department  contains all the material for science

Teacher Incharge  - Dr. (Mrs) Chaya Singh

Student Incharge  - Yeshoda




Old clothes, Furniture, shoes etc. donated by guests.

Incharge  - Ms B.M. Manjula, M.A. (Ex Student)

Assisted by  - Ms Bhavani
                         Ms Sayamma
                         Ms Padma (HM, Indiranagar)

All the staff is totally blind.

total 6 dogs are there of different breeds.

Student Incharge  -  Pavani



In this department  Cook prepare the food in kitchen for students. Normal and blind students help her to prepare the food.

Student Incharge  - Sangeetha


                              T. Kavitha

  • Food or Store Dept.

All the food and other things stored here like daal, rice etc.

Teacher Incharge  - Sharadha

Student Incharge  - Swetha










Music, Dance, Song, Drama, etc.

Student Incharge  - T. Kavitha

                              Padma (HM, Indiranagar)


                              Vimala Mary

Doctor use to come here to check the students. One sister is there for full time.

Doctor(s) Incharge  - Dr. Gupta D.K.(AVM) - Head of all the medical depts

                              Dr. Sushma

                              Sister Mary

Student Incharge  - Asharani




Director  - Ms Chandrakala - M.A,B.Ed

Warden  - Ms Yeshodha - M.A.

Student Incharge  -  Mamtha



14 ROOMS, 17 BATHROOMS. Each room 6 students with a room leader and an assistant leader. Room leader can be a college girl and assistant leader will be a high school girl. If kids have a problem it should go to the assistant room leader. If assistant room leader cannot solve, then it goes to room leader. If room leader cannot solve it should go to floor leader, and if floor leader cannot solve it goes to hostel warden and then to director and lastly to the guruji.

Every student is given 3 sets of school uniforms, 3 sets of night dress, 3 sets of colour dress, 3 sets of yoga dress, 3 sets of karate dress, 3 Ugs changed every quarterly along with tooth brush, slippers, black bata shoes with 3 pairs of white socks, running shoes, 3 sets of bed sheets, pillow covers, 3 towels, sweaters, blankets, regular medical checkups etc.

110 girls are staying (39 blind and 71 sighted), 2 floor are in the girls hostel.


27 students are staying (Blind – 13, Sighted – 14)

Director  - Mr Nataraj (M.A, B.Ed), (HM, Devanahalli),a former student of our institute.

Story books – 38 and Story DVD – 62

Student Incharge  -  Padma (HM, Indiranagar)




  • Purchases Dept. – All the purchases by the school are handled over here.

Teacher Incharge  - Mr. Moses [M.A.(English & Socio), M.Ed., C.T.C., Director], Nupur, Aruna

  • Seva  Dept.

    Every month on 1st we serve the blind people for ration, clothes, Braille things. On every Sunday, people from slum comes here for their requirements.

    Student Incharge  -  Kavitha.R






  • Matrimonial Dept.

Teacher Incharge  - Mrs. Shantha Mary

Student Incharge  -  Mahendra



We have 30 fishes in this school.

Student Incharge  - Padma (HM, Indiranagar)

  • Scruber/Driver/ Vacuum Cleaner Dept.

Student Incharge  -  Mamtha

                               Kavitha. R



Student Incharge -  Nataraj (HM, Devanahalli)




Student Incharge   - N.Padma (2nd PUC)

Teacher   - Kancho Rakum

Teacher Incharge   - S.B Veenakumari (HoD, College)

  • Swayamvara Dept.

Details coming soon.. Keep visiting...

  • Placement Dept.

Details coming soon.. Keep visiting...

Acharya Sri Rakum School, Devanahalli

Acharya Sri Rakum School,
Bettenahalli tarahunse Road,
Margondanahalli, Jalike Panchayat,
Devanahalli Taluk, Bangalore Rural,
Karnataka State, India

Tel – 080- 22711986

E-Mail –

Website –

Teacher Incharge – Mahadeva swami

Student Incharge  - Chinna, Manjunath V.G, Manoj R, Ompraksh, Shashidhar

Big black shark – 4

Small  black shark – 2

Japanese koi carps – 2

Big koi carps – 5

Total No - 13

Tree therapy is practiced here by hugging the trees. Hugging the trees gives you resistance power and helps the tree to grow stronger.

Teacher Incharge – Mrs. Suvarna

Student Incharge  - Rajesh, Ashwath, Nagesh

Total No of teak trees  - 339

Teacher Incharge –  Mr. Shivanand

Student Incharge  - Kiran, Jagadish, Vijay, Mani

  1. Rottweiler - Female (Chelsea) : 1

  2. Great Dane Early queen - Male (Jumbo) : 1

  3. German Shepherd - Female : 2

  4. English Mudhol - Male & Female : 2

  5. Bharat Hound : 3

The doggy therapy is practiced over here.

  • Rose Garden Dept.

Teacher Incharge – Mrs. Nirmala

Student Incharge  -  Subash, Abhijit, Ajay

100 plants in different colours (red, white, ange, light yellow, pink, yellow, light pink, light red, light ange etc.)

Incharge – Sensei Arjun Singh Khatti (Former Runner-up National Champion in Third Degree Blackbelt, Kyokushin Karate)

Assisted by  - Madhu, Satish, Santosh

Growing calves  - 6

Cows – 24

Hippers – 6

Bull – 2

Milking calves – 17

Total – 55

Teacher Incharge – Mr. Mahadeva  swami

Student Incharge  -  Babu, Sandeep, Ashok

Love birds – 20

Big Rabbits  and small rabbits – 15

Doctor Incharge – Dr. Jai Prakash Alva

Teacher Incharge – Mr. Muthanna

Student Incharge  - Manish, N.Rajesh, Kishe

Teacher Incharge – Mr. Manjunath

Student Incharge  - Anand, Gopal

Mango – 20

Saphota – 18

Guava – 17

Pomegranate – 17

Banana – 45

Papaya  - 4

Teacher Incharge – Mr. Basavaraj

Student Incharge  - Ganesh, Chandra shekhar, Darshan

 Total length covered – 3000 mtrs

Covered places plants – Teak wood – 350,
  Rose garden – 110,
Agriculture farm – 283,
Temple area – 76,
Others – 50

Total expenditure – Rs. 45000/-

Teacher Incharge  - Mr. Umamahesh

Student Incharge -  Mahesh, Ravi Kumar, Murthy, Sudarshan

Check dams – 4

Underground tanks – 2

Sinter – 3

Rain water pipe – primary roof, staff, quarters, goshala roof

Rain water filter tanks  - 2


Teacher Incharge – Mr. Varma

Teacher Incharge  - Mrs. Saroja Mahadevaswamy

Assisted by - Mrs Ambika Arjun Singh
               Mrs Kavya
               Mrs lakshmi Srinivasan

Student Incharge  - Bhaskar, Dilip, Surendra

Teacher Incharge  -  Mr. Nagraj

Student Incharge  - Ravi Kumar, Chandan

School bus (42 seater) – 1

Truck – 1

Ambulance OMNI – 2

Tata winger  - 1

Bike – 2

Scooter – 1

Car – 2

Teacher Incharge  -  Mr. Harsha

Student Incharge  - Paramesh, Saravan

3500 books

Teacher Incharge  -  Mr. Nagraj and Mr. Shivanand

Student Incharge  - Vinod, Sashi Kumar, Sumanth, Manukumar

Boys – 72 (Blind and normal)

Teacher Incharge – Mr. Arjun

Student Incharge –  Manohar, Shivanraj, Venkatesh, Sarvan, Abhi

Ganesha temple

Sosai temple

Krishna temple

Sosai mountain

Kancho temple

Budha temple

Headmaster  - Mr. Basavaraj (B.A, B.Ed) - Maths Teacher

     Mr mahadevswamy (PUC, T.C.H.) - English Teacher

     Uma Maheshwarappa (B.A, T.C.H.) - Social Science Teacher

     Manjunath - (B.A, B.Ed) - Kannada Teacher

     Anjaneya Reddysic (S.S.L.C.) - Music Teacher

Students – 114 (G- 39, B-75)

12 Hostel V-std

Pre Primary


Suvarna (P.U.C)

Nirmala (P.U.C)

Sudhamani (P.U.C, D.Ed)


Headmaster  - Mr. Harsha

     Shivanand [M.A (Kannada)] - Kannada Teacher

     Nagaraju - [B.A, B.Ed (Hindi)] - Hindi Teacher

     Narasimha - [M.A, B.Ed] - Social Science Teacher

    Hanumanthappa (P.U.C, T.C.H) - Braille Teacher (for visually handicapped)

     Mahesh Kumar (S.S.L.C.) - Dance & Music Teacher

Total student – 56 (residential) (outsiders – 10 students)


Acharya Sri Rakum School, Arkavathy Layout

Jakkur Main Road, Behind Jakkur Aerodrome,

Opp. Bharath Seva Asrama,
Bangalore, India

Tel –080-23622078

E-Mail –

Website –






Arkavathy School - Reception

see more pics )
  • Pre Primary School Dept.

    This Department includes Nursery, L.K.G and U.K.G.

Total Students - 60
Residents - 19
Day Scholars - 41

  - Ms. M.V.Sharadamma (B.A., B.Ed.)
Headmistress  -

Teaching Staff

Mrs. Sharadha  - BA (English)
Mrs. Rajalakshmi  - SSLC, Nursery Trained

Non Teaching Staff

Ms Tina.V. Receptionist
Ms Valli Cook
Ms Shubhashini Ayah
Ms Pramila Ayah


Mrs. Girija Nagaraj
Mr. Nagaraj
Mr. Ravi Kumar
Ms. Nidhi

Interacting Schools

Vidhya Niketan School
Euro School
Stone Hill International School
Aditi International School


School Timings : Mon to Fri (9.30am to 3.30pm)
Reception : All days (8am to 8pm)
Meals : Breakfast - 8 am to 8.30 am, Lunch - 12.30 pm to 1.00 pm, Dinner - 7 pm to 7.30 pm

Sponsor Detail

Breakfast : Rs 500/-
Lunch : Rs 1000/-
Tea Snacks : Rs 200/-
Dinner : Rs 1000/-