"We Live On What You Give"- This statement is painted boldly above every Rakum School Donation Box. These are bright, large boxes with slots for different types of donations.

Rakum School children live largely on the good will and charity of patrons and the public. Some days this is just not enough. To meet their needs, Rakum also accepts old clothes, books, shoes, vessels and toys. Old materials like newspapers and bottles are recycled or sold.

We have listed the food, materials and resources needed for our students this month. This is another way of contributing to our cause. Thank you for your generosity in advance.


Braille Slates  
Math Boards  
Pocket Frames  
Needle Guiders  
Folding Canes  

*Braille items are sourced from Katpadi in Tamil Nadu. We would be happy to give you their contact details should you wish to get in touch with them to donate to our cause.


 Attendance Registers  
 Marker pens (All colors)  
 Cursive writing books  
 Drawing pins  
 Flat files  
 Box files (large)  
 Box files (small)  
 Lamination covers  
 Staple pins  
 Ink pads  
 Chalk (White)  
 Chalk (Colored)  
 Cello Tape  
 Short notebooks  
 Short notebooks  
 Short notebooks  
 Long notebooks  
 Long notebooks  


 Soya chunks  
 Rasam powder  
 Maggi noodles  
 Curry leaves  


 Ceiling fans  
 Bunk bed with pillows & bed sheets  
 Cooking vessels (5 lt capacity)  
 Computer UPS  
 Generator/ Power backup devices  

 There are many ways to contribute towards the maintenance and well-being of our children. You can:

- Sponsor a single meal or all the meals for the day

- Provide grains, rice, flour, oil, spices and vegetables for our kitchens

- Give us consumables like toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, combs, brushes etc.

- Supply us with notebooks and other stationery.

- Offer clothes, shoes, blankets, pillows, bed sheets

- Donate money

Drop into the school closest to you anytime. Get directions here.

New initiatives like this website and professional management help from the IIM Calcutta Alumni are being implemented to help Rakum mobilize funds and supplies for the growing needs of the growing number of children