Our Founder

Kancho Rakum (Before)

Acharya Shree Rakumjee

A first look at him makes it hard to believe that this gentle person was once an international Karate expert and a breaker of bricks, boards and world records. A second look at him and you can see the strength, composure and purpose of someone who has found his true calling in life.

He traveled widely seeking a deeper definition of Karate. His travels took him to Japan(several times), Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Nepal, Australia, the United Kingdom, the Middle East and to every corner of India. Ignoring the clarion call to fame, riches and fortune, he left his international martial arts career behind to dedicate himself to the cause of visually challenged children. An ardent follower of Zen philosophy, Kancho (as he is lovingly called by the children if his Schools) is a man of few words. It is his action-packed past that makes him a man of action.

Acharya Shree Rakumjee found the inner strength to leave the material world behind and focus his chi (energy) on his cause. Since he started, Rakum's Schools for the blind have grown in size and scope in and around Bangalore. He captains his organization with the strength of his personality and his beliefs. "Pity" is something he leaves for others to feel.

His day starts at 4 a.m. with meditation and karate lessons and ends after midnight with the reconciliation of accounts, each and every day.

"There are no Sundays for me. How can I take a holiday? Does blindness take a holiday? Do the needs of my children take a day off? ". He retorts when asked about his grueling and endless schedule. Tired he may appear but Rakum's iron will to support his children continues to grow stronger.

When questioned about his personal life, he laughingly says, "Of course I am married... to the cause of blind and visually impaired children. Each and every child and adult under my roof is a member of my family".

You can meet Acharya shree Rakumji and his amazing children at the Rakum Schools anytime. Contact Us

Here is an interesting fact : Acharya shree Rakumji broke a world record on February 13, 1988 by breaking multiple 10 inch thick ice blocks with his bare forehead. Later that day, he let an Ambassador car drive over his stomach! Truly, a man of strength!